Term 6
    FAQs- Key Worker Children, Reception, Year 1 and 6 on Monday Term 6


In response to your questions: 


If I have children in different year groups , how do I pick them up at the end of the day?

If your youngest child is in Reception, the older sibling will come to the Key Stage 1 playground where they will leave at 2.30pm, with you .

If your youngest child is in Year 1, the older sibling will come to the Key Stage 1 playground where they will leave at 2.55pm, with you.



If I decide my child will attend school, will they be with their class teacher?  

Where possible, we will attempt to put children with their class teachers. However, where a class has reached the maximum of 15 children, we will then ‘top-up’ the remaining year group classes  until all three year group classes have reached a maximum of 15 children.  

Once we have reached a maximum number of children in the year group classes, children will be placed into 'overflow' classes. These classes will be taken by teachers from year groups not included in  the Government’s plan to reopen schools.  

At this point children who are placed into the ‘overflow’ classes, will be mixed with children from their year group but not specific to their class.  


Whether they will be placed in friendship groups or will year group classes also be mixed? 

Classes need to be minimised therefore there will be a maximum of 15 children in a class. We will of course try and keep the children in their friendship groups with the guidance of their class teacher. 

Will they be attending everyday or will this depend on the number of children attending? 

Children, for now, will attend daily, this may not be possible in the future depending on the return of more year groups, we will keep you updated. 


Is there any way we can know what teacher children have before they attend? 

We will let you know the teacher once this has been decided. If numbers allow, we will endeavour to keep children with their class teacher. Where this is not possible, it may be the case that children are not with a teacher they are familiar with. 


Will the school be following the same regiment as in France at break times where they will get a square of space they have to play in? 

 We will try and social distance the children as best as we canbut we are well aware this is difficult with 4 - 7 years olds and that this may not be possible at all times.  The children will remain with their class/group at break and lunch times. Break and lunch will be staggered, as will the start time and end time of the day. 


If we decide after our child attending that school is too disruptive, can we pull our child out without consequence? 

You are entitled to withdraw your child at any point. You will just need to inform the school.  

What are you planning to do with the children?  

The children will be taught in line with their Year group curriculum. Where possible, we will have outdoor learning activities 

My son is in year six and was supposed to be going on school trips and doing other activities after his SATs.  Obviously, this can't happen, but will you be finding other ways to mark their final time at the school or just sitting them at desks two metres apart from their friends? 

We will do our best to ensure that the Year 6 children are able to say farewell to the friends in a way that adheres to social distancing. Unfortunately, this does mean that any activities related to the end of Year 6, such as the Year 6 Prom, will not go ahead. Year 6, as with other year groups will sit, where possible, 2 metres apart from classmates, in line with Government guidance. 


 Can children who decide not to come back on June 1st, still come back on a later date before the end of term?  

Yes, you can decide to send your child back to school at any time if they are in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6. We would ask that you give the school a weeks notice if you intend to send them in.  

Are you mainly offering this to parents who need to go back to work outside the home? 

No. As outlined by the Government, children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 are all allowed to return to school.  


What safety measures are in place to protect them apart from reducing class sizes? 

The school is currently in the process of forming a plan around reopening. We are following the Government guidance to ensure that children are as safe as they can be. 


How will we know who else is in his class and who his teacher is? 

Once the school has an idea of the number of children who are coming in, we will be able to make a decision around classes and teachers.  


A closed yes/no answer with a deadline of Monday is not helpful at all. You need to allow parents to consider this carefully and enable the ability to ask questions in advance! 

We appreciate that a closed yes/no deadline is not ideal, but in putting steps in place to keep children safe, we need to have an idea of the number of children who will be attending.  


How do you plan to balance the emotional and mental well-being needs of the children with social distancing? A key strength of St Paul’s is how caring and supportive the teachers are, and especially for the younger children they need reassurance which includes the occasional hug.  

As children return to school, we will of course be thinking about their emotional and mental wellbeing. A big part of children returning will be educating them around the need to be socially distant whilst they are in school. As you can imagine, we know this will be incredibly difficult, particularly with Reception and Year 1 children! Teachers will always endeavour to reassure children, and this will be at the forefront of our minds, however we would not be advising staff to give children an occasional hug as this would contravene the Governments own advice on physical contact.  


Children also need to be able to play imaginative and physical games with their friends, please can you give some examples of how this can be enabled? 

One of the things we appreciate most about our children are the imaginative games that they play with one another. In terms of physical contact, we would not be encouraging physical contact between any of the children at school, however we will encourage them to play in small groups. We understand that this is difficult and may influence any decisions you make as parents around sending your children back to school; however, we need to ensure that we are sticking to the Government guidance which will allow us to ensure children and staff are as safe as they can be at this time.  


If I decide to send my child back to school will I lose my free school meal voucher? 

If you decide to send your child to school, they will receive a free school in school, therefore, you will not receive a school meal voucher as well. Any child not attending will continue to receive a free school meal voucher.  


Would home learning be sent out for children that do not choose to attend school on June 1st? 

We will be making a decision around this in the coming days as it is dependent on the number of children in, and the staff's capacity to be able to provide both.  Parents may be guided to specific websites.

 Is there any information about the Secondary school transition days? 

As Year 6 teachers receive information from Secondary schools, they will provide you with information around transition.  You will also hear from your child’s Secondary school directly. 

Year 6 Transition as of 15.05.2020 


Year 6- ARK Transition days 

  • w/c 4th May – Letter to parents about transition timeline, launch of transition FAQ page and dedicated email address  

  • w/c 11th May and 18th May – Welcome call to parents  

  • w/c 1st June – Letter to parents with forms to gather key information and permissions  

  • 18th June – Virtual welcome evening with presentations from the Principal, Transition Lead and Head of Year  

  • w/c 29th June and 6th July – Welcome call to parents and students with their new tutor  

  • w/c 13th July – Primaries begin transfer of student files to Ark Alexandra (if couriers are unavailable, the files can be collected) 


Year 6 Transition– Claverham 

Letter from Claverham

Whilst the future position is not clear, we currently have plans to run transition days in the very early part of July, where pupils will be able to meet their form tutor, peers and find out a bit more about the College.  

Together with this we are intending to hold intake evenings on the 25th, 29th and 30th June 2020. You will be invited to attend one of these evenings dependent on the pastoral house which your child is allocated to.  

During the intake evening information would be presented by the Principal, members of the Leadership Team and your son or daughter’s Head of House, together with an opportunity for you to meet their form tutor. At the intake evenings you will also be able to view our school uniform and purchase PE kit. 

However, these events going ahead will be dependent on the guidance issued by the Department for Education and Public Health England. 


Year 6 Transition- Hastings 

  • No information at present


Year 6 Transition- St Leonards 

  •  No information at present 


Year 6 Transition- Rye Academy as of 22.05.2020

    1. Telephone contact made with parents.
    2. Students informed of tutor groups via letter with a virtual meet and greet with the tutor. 
    3. Then dependent on protocols - small groups for a morning or afternoon session. Or alternatively a student and parent tour and meeting with myself.


Year 6 Transition- Bexhill High 

  • No information at present 

Year 6 Transition- Robertsbridge

Below are details of the 8 seminars over Term 6.  Whilst it’s great if you can join us live, we know that isn’t always possible so if you sign up you will be sent a link to a recording of the webinar afterwards.


Date and Time

Title (Webinars run for 30 mins)

What we will cover/What habits we will build

Wed 3 June, 4.00 pm

W1: Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain

How we can use our mind to change our brain.

Ways to help speed up habit change.

Wed 10 June, 4.00 pm

W2: Well-Being Is A Skill: Feeding the Hero Inside

What our brains and bodies need every day to build the best version of ourselves.  How to build these habits in every day.

Wed 17 June, 4.00 pm

W3: Awareness Is Your Superpower

How building our awareness gives us more flexibility to grow, change and respond.  Habits to build our awareness.

Wed 24 June, 4.00 pm

W4: Meeting New People

How our brains can find new people challenging or even threatening. How to respond differently & build positive relationships by thinking more broadly rather than closing down.





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