Settling In

Settling In
Starting a new nursery can be daunting for both children and their families. This is why at St Paul's CE Academy Nursery we ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. Once spaces have been confirmed and a child is due to start with us, firstly we have an 'Initial Visit', this is where families get to know more about the nursery and what this will mean for their child as well as us getting to know all the information about the new child starting. These visit are also carried about my both management and then the child's key person, building good relationships from the outset. A settling in and start date are both arranged on the Initial Visit by the manager.
 We ask that every child does at least one settling in session, this is a good opportunity to get familiar with their surrounding to see how each child will engage with this new experience.
Settling in sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long, this enables parents/carers to stay with their child for up to 15 minutes and then the child has an hour to explore and settle in the care of our staff.
Sometimes children may find it a little more difficult to adjust to their new routine and being away from their families. To give each child the best possible start we have Settling In Plans. These plans are put in place to ease children into nursery when necessary; gradually building up to a whole session. These come with tailored social stories that can be shared at home as well as at nursery.
Daily Dairies 
Every two year old (Rabbit) has a Daily Diary, where each child's key person will write in to key families up to date with their child's day to activities. Including meals, sleeps, nappy changes, medication administered as well as information about what they have been up to. This is an additional means of communication alongside verbal hand overs before and after every session.
Our older children (Badgers) receive verbal communication at the beginnings and ends of sessions also.