May 2016

17th May 2016

Notes from meeting held with parents on 17.05.16

Presentation will be uploaded onto the school website.

Headteacher reported that the school has heard back from the DfE that if all goes to plan the school will convert on 1st August 2016.

St Paul’s has considered many different options for the future of the school over the last 2 years.  The Diocese we feel is the best option for St Paul’s.

There are currently 2 other schools in the Trust, 2 others in the area are considering joining and 1 other in the process of converting.

DCAT is a non-profit making charity. 

The name will change to St Paul’s Church of England Academy.

Staff will be TUPE across on their current terms and conditions.

Uniform will change showing the new name, but parents will not be enforced to change.  This will be a natural process as you purchase new uniform.

Staffing and leadership will remain the same.

New governing body will be appointed according to the skillset and experience they can bring.  Applications for the new governing body will be put forward to DCAT to appoint.  The school and DCAT are hopeful that most of the current FGB will put forward an application to continue to be governors but anyone with the required skillset are welcome to apply.

School day will remain the same. 

School holidays will remain the same.

Extended schools will remain the same.

Nursery will remain the same.

ESCC still have statutory responsibility for admissions, exclusions and data.

Admissions criteria may change to incorporate children coming up to the school from the nursery.  This is under consideration.

There are four different academy groups working in the town.  DCAT are keen for a local model for all academies in the Trust and encourage schools to keep their own individuality.

There was a comment on the online survey asking if the curriculum will narrow and if the school will teach to test.  We do not propose to do that.  Academies are not required to stick to the national curriculum but there are no plans for radical ideas but it will allow certain freedoms to allow the best opportunities for the children.

On a day to day basis you and the children will not see any changes.  Hope to see an improvement in the results of the school and that the school will continue to move forward.  Joining DCAT will allow opportunities for teachers and headteachers to work closely together across the Trust.


Questions and Answers:

Will the relationship between the school and the PTA change?

No – this will continue and any locally raised money will remain within the school.

Some Academies have a large amount of Inset days, will that happen?

Will policies change?

No, only any natural changes that would have occurred anyway.  There may also be some policies that are used across the Trust.

Will education go down the route of more local history etc?

That is up to the school.  No plans to change Maths and English.  We always try to use local situations to add to the education experience.

Will RE still cover multi-faith religions?

Academies are not given any extra money.  The only changes are that money is allocated monthly opposed to annually and schools financial year will run as an academic year from September-September.

Will you still use ESCC music services?

We will buy a lot of services back from ESCC.

Will you be able to put more music into the curriculum?

If we can fit it into the timetable.

The Headteacher and the governing body would not want to see St Paul’s change.  This has been a decision made over the last 2 years and we feel it is right decision for the school.  Joining DCAT allows more freedom for St Paul’s to remain the same instead of joining other academy trusts.

Will you still use Chartwells?

Yes at the moment.

Will Free School Meals still stay the same?


Who are the other schools in the Trust?

All Saints Juniors and St Leonards.  2 others are currently in the process of deciding if they want to join.  1 other school has made the decision but a bit further behind in the process of converting.

Does the Diocese have any plans for secondary schools in the area? 

Not at present.  There is a secondary school that is joining the Trust in Eastbourne but no plans for any in Hastings at present.  The school will continue to work closely with all secondary schools in the town to help with that transition.

When will it be confirmed it will change on the 1st August?

We are working towards that date at present.  We do not see any reason why that should not happen at present.

What about new uniform how will we know if we need to buy new or old?

Superstitch will know when you go to buy it.

Have any of the schools in DCAT had there Ofsted yet?

Not yet they are still waiting.

What are the special skills that are required for governor’s body?

E.g Financial, community, SEN skills.   The Trust would like at least 2 parents on the governing body with the required skills.

Local academies have pulled out of a lot of services, will St Paul’s?

No. St Paul’s will control their budget and how it will be spent and hopefully get better deals on services.  We are encouraged to use local suppliers, generating local business.

Will you remain the HT or will you change to Principle?

Will probably remain as a Head teacher as like to have the word teacher in the title.

Are staff happy about the change?

Yes – staff are ok.  Support staff are concerned because of the redundancies that have occurred in other schools across the town when they became academies.


Consultation will be closing on 27th May.  Please write in if you have any views or carry out the online survey.