Our Mission Statement

Every child enters our academy full of potential.  If all staff, governors and parents fulfill their roles in ensuring that the environment they experience is happy, conducive to learning, caring and based on our Christian values (love, respect, forgiveness, honesty, patience, service and thankfulness to God) they will leave having realised their potential.

As a Church of England Academy we take every child on a Christian journey which encourages their personal spiritual growth and teaches them to show understanding for other faiths. 

Our Academy aims:

  • to offer a Christian foundation, based on Church of England beliefs on which our children can build their lives.
  • to provide education of the highest quality within the context of Christian beliefs and practices
  • to enable every child to fully develop their skills in all areas of the curriculum, with an emphasis on the moral, spiritual and social aspects of school life. 
  • to encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote Christian values through the experience we offer all our pupils.
  • to develop effective, positive partnerships between home, school, the Church and community and encourage a sense of worth in the lives of all those involved in our academy.                                                                                                                

Learning must be challenging, exciting and fun, delivered through methods which are creative and varied so our children are motivated to learn, develop skills and attitudes needed to become active, responsible, citizens  able to make informed choices in the 21st century.