Term 2

Term 2

Space the Final Frontier

Year 5 are looking forward to launching into space. On our cosmic rollercoaster we will be studying the history of space exploration and learning about the science behind the Earth, Moon and Stars.

In English this term children will be writing their own non-chronological reports on a planet that they will create from imagination.

For Maths we will focus on multiplication and division, factors and multiples, squared and cubed numbers and problem solving.

In RE the children will be exploring the story of the annunciation and focusing on Mary the mother of Jesus, much of this will be explored through Art.

In History will be looking at the history of space exploration including the first moon landings, people in Space and ordering the events.

 Our DT focus will be on designing and creating our own blends of Christmas tea.

As part of our Art focus the children will be making their own space mission patches for our space camp week.

 In Music we will be linking our music sessions in with Dance to Holst ‘The Planets’ as well as creating our own pieces based on this.

 For PSHE we will focus on ‘celebrating difference’ through our PSHE Jigsaw programme.

In Science we will look at the Earth, Moon and Stars focusing on the Earth in space, the planets and the phases of the Moon. We will be having a Space Camp week towards the end of term and also welcoming the Space Dome into school.

 Homework will be in the form of a sheet of twelve activities. We ask that the children complete two activites a week and that an adult signs the sheet when each activity is completed. Further Maths and English Grammar sheets may be sent home.

Please ensure reading planners are up to date and that children read at least 3 times a week and complete the weekly writing task

Thank you from the Year 5 Team