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Psalm 32:8  I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.


Active Advent Activities- Day 1
                                                           Brussel Socks throw

Equipment: bin/bucket, 3 pairs of socks.

Place the bin/bucket on the floor and lie down with your feet touching it. Get someone to mark where the top of your head is as this is where you are going to stand. Create a ball out of each pair of socks and then see how many times you can get the Brussel sock in the bin. You get 15 throws and see how many you can get in the bin.
Challenge: take a step further away from the throwing line.

Help: take a small step closer to the bin.



                                                         Active Advent Activities- day 2

Down the chimney
Equipment: partner and a ball of socks.

Stand facing your partner, who is holding the ball of socks as high as possible, you must have your hands by your side. Your partner says ‘Ho, ho, ho!’ and on the final Ho drops the ball of socks. You must try to catch the socks before they reach the floor. How many times can you catch the socks on the trot? Then try to beat your partner’s score. Challenge: you must look straight in front of you. Help: you may look up at the socks.


Active Advent Activities- Day 3

Santa’s Horizontal climbing
Equipment: socks and gloves.

Find yourself a space in your house and place the socks and gloves flat on the floor. Warm Up: Your challenge is to get across the room by only standing on a sock or glove – you may not touch the floor. Santa Challenge: Starting on your knees, get across the room placing your hands and feet on the gloves or socks. You must have 3 points of your body in contact with the gloves/socks at all times. Challenge: can you get across the room only using the gloves as your safety points?


Active Advent Activities- Day 4


Festive Reaction Wall

Equipment: paper, pen and a wall.


On 6 pieces of paper, draw a different object associated with Christmas. Now carefully attach them to the wall like the 6 dots on a dice face. Get a partner to call out the object and touch it on the wall. How many times can you touch the festive objects in 1 minute? Challenge: get your partner to call them out of order. Help: get your partner to keep the objects in the same order.

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