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Psalm 32:8  I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

Mental Heath and Wellbeing

Our Aims For Mental Health and Wellbeing

At St Paul's, we recognise that good mental health is as important as good physical health.  Our pupils are taught self-care techniques, including recognising and managing their emotions, exercise, relaxation and how to build relationships through a rich and varied curriculum.  We teach our children how to help others with their mental health and wellbeing in age appropriate ways.


Our aim is to help develop the protective factors which build resilience to mental health problems and be a school where:

  • all pupils are valued
  • pupils have a sense of belonging and feel safe
  • pupils feel able to talk openly with trusted adults about their problems
  • positive mental health is promoted and valued
  • bullying is not tolerated


How do we support Mental Health and Wellbeing at our school?

  • Whole School Provision: This is the foundation for our mental health offer.  Children learn about mental health as part of their Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE).  All children receive an hour of dedicated PHSE teaching every week.  
  • Mental Health Days are also organised to promote and celebrate good mental health for all.
  • Low Level Need: Children are able to identify how they are feeling throughout the day by using the emotion words displayed in their classroom.  As a school we develop emotional literacy by having a focus emotion word every week which is discussed throughout the school.  All staff have received training to help them identify when a child may need some additional support.
  • Medium Level Need: Children who may be experiencing mental health and wellbeing difficulties receive individualised support.  There are lots of ways we can support children in school ranging from a simple chat, organising a playtime buddy to a series of individual or group sessions with a trained staff member.
  • High Level Need: Occasionally, some children may benefit from expert mental health professionals.  We can help families to access this support and work with external agencies as best we can.
  • Wellbeing Ambassadors: To gain pupil voice regarding mental health and wellbeing we work alongside our Wellbeing Ambassadors.  These children are trained to support and help other children at our school who may be experiencing problems with their peers or feeling worried/anxious.  They are available for children at the school to talk to during playtimes.  Each class has at least one Wellbeing Ambassador allocated to their class.
  • Wellbeing Dog: We have a Wellbeing Dog - Winnie.  She supports children with their wellbeing and offers comfort when needed.


If you are concerned about your child and would like to discuss any wellbeing/mental health concerns, please contact Miss Watson (Assistant Head teacher).




We All Have Mental Health

Why not try to earn a 'Kindness' Badge?


The purple Kids' Kindness Badge is awarded for showing kindness to yourself and towards others.

All the details for this scheme are on the webpage below.  I have also attached the application form which you can download.

Our school is registered as a 'Kindness School'.

If you successfully gain the Kindness Badge, please make sure you let Miss Watson know so we can celebrate your success in our next Wellbeing newsletter and in Golden Galleon Assembly.

Remember small acts of kindness help to make everyone feel happier.

Kid's Kindness Club Application Form

Anti-Bullying Week Parent/Carer Pack

Kids' Kindness Club - Random Acts of Kindness

Here's a challenge for you to complete over the summer holidays. There is a calendar for you to print out with different acts of kindness for you to do over the break. If you complete all the challenges, you can send the form to 52 Lives-School of Kindness, PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT.
Alternatively, ask a grown up at home to email your form to

Action for Happiness calendar

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